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" I simply wish I had known about the DISC system earlier in my life. It would have helped me make a lot less mistakes as I was building relationships in my early years.

This system gives the user, deeper insight into their relationships opening up their ability to strengthen their business and personal relationships.

I would recommend DISC to anyone looking to improve their people skills, communication skills, or putting teams together to achieve ultimate success.

Dr. Roderic Bishop, Church Pastor

Before listening to Dr Raybourne's DISC presentation, I often struggled to understand the dynamics at play and how best to connect with others. However, after engaging in the insightful presentation, I'm beginning to experience a transformative shift. I now have with a deeper understanding of behavioral styles, and look forward to approaching conversations with confidence. I'm learning to tailor my approach, fostering more effective connections and cultivating stronger relationships. I see the DISC as a game-changer, enhancing my personal and professional interactions in remarkable ways.

Keffie Battles

I did a DISC assessment through the John Maxwell course presented by Dr. Anth

Raybourne. Before the course I was very impatient with my spouse and people who I deemed as difficult. That was, until I learnt what personality I came under and how to deal amicably with people of different personalities, what personality I would be better paired with, and personalities that will be good together. As an individual or as a group I would highly recommend Dr. Raybourne to be a great presenter for the DISC Method. He makes learning enjoyable and he let's you see the importance of being successful in whatever field you're operating in, when you understand how to be a first class leader.

Adina Awai

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